Freestyle Cyclone DALPROP T5040C Propellers CW/CCW Tri DAL Props FPV Racing


Dalprop is one of the smoothest toughest props for drone racing.

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DALPROP CYCLONE T5040C tri-Blades CW& CCW Propeller for Micro QuadCopter Multicopter

T5040C propeller has excellent balance, low vibration

The T5040C is the same weight as the 5x4x3 (DAL T5040 variant) and it also draws the SAME amps! Throttle feel is much more even lightning near and accurate than the 5x4x3 and speed is similar or slightly higher. Grip, response and ‘whisp’ qualities are about the same and durability is definitely improved. So here’s the major upgrade. Control is drastically improved! Probably as a result of the more linear thrust delivery, the pitch/roll feel far more even and stable throughout the throw of the sticks regardless of your rate/expo set up. This prop maintains the crispness of the Cyclone line with control onset, and drastically improves on fine line balance and management compared to the 5x4x3.

Brand: Dalprop
Item name: T5040C
Mounting Hole for 5mm

Crystal Red (RED), Crystal Blue (BLUE), Crystal Purple (PURPLE), Black
Item name: T5040C
Mounting Hole for 5mm

Package Include : 
4x T5040dalpropC Props (you choose colour)

Additional information

Weight 27 g
Dimensions 2 cm
Colour & Pack Size

Orange 4pcs 2cw 2ccw, Orange 8pcs 4cw 4ccw, Green 4pcs 2cw 2ccw, Green 8pcs 4cw 4ccw, Black 4pcs 2cw 2ccw, Black 8pcs 4cw 4ccw, Blue 4pcs 2cw 2ccw, Blue 8pcs 4cw 4ccw, Red 4pcs 2cw 2ccw, Red 8pcs 4cw 4ccw, Yellow 4pcs 2cw 2ccw, Yellow 8pcs 4cw 4ccw, White 4pcs 2cw 2ccw, White 8pcs 4cw 4ccw, Purple 4pcs 2cw 2ccw, Purple 8pcs 4cw 4ccw


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